The Moonshaes

Book I, Chapter II

In which the adventurers build a great, great wall, which the goblins will pay for

Quick notes

Current quest: Find and reconsecrate the five temples of the Earthmother for High King Derid Kendrick
XP received: 550 XP
Total XP: 1460 XP
Loot: 4 silver badger collars (worth 25gp each)

Adventure Summary

The adventurers found themselves in Lehigh, a small village in Dernall Forest that had recently been subjected to a goblin attack. Fifty-four of the towns 284 residents were killed in the attack, including most of the town’s council, the royal guard stationed in the village and many peasants. The survivors were extremely grateful for their rescue, and offered their saviours lodgings until a sign appeared to guide them to the first of the five temples of the Earthmother.

On their first night in Lehigh, Grick received a vision from their patron, a vision of winter turning to spring, only to be obliterated by a coming wave of darkness. They sensed their patron’s desire to avoid this fate, and received a new aid from the Frostmother: a familiar in the form of a white pseudodragon.

The following day, the party did what they could in Lehigh. Corry accompanied Forje Le Goff, the only surviving member of the town’s council, to inspect his lumber mill, and also entertained many of the village’s children at their fort by the stream. Vala tended to the wounded at the town hall, including Saxi Welde, a Northlander with an infected wound that cost him his leg but fortunately not his life. Welde’s husband, Asmund, and the town’s healing woman, Mona MacAuley, were extremely grateful for her assistance. Taznyl repaired weapons at the town’s small garrison and gave lessons to a promising young soldier named Devus. And Aimon’s research into the notes he received from the High King garnered some clues that could assist with their search for the temples.

That night, Corporal Eazelle Farwynn, the highest-ranking soldier left in Lehigh, requested the group’s assistance in constructing a palisade to defend the town from future goblin attacks. The next day, the party worked together on the construction of the palisade, and were able to secure lumber for the wall, devise a method of fireproofing it, and locate or create the remaining materials required. Leading the townsfolk, they were able to complete a majority of the wall before evening, when a strange astronomical phenomenon caught their attention.

Looking at the sky, they saw that the tears of Sêlune, the comets that normally trail the moon, were for the first time in living memory actually preceding it. They recognized that this was one of the signs mentioned in the prophecy, and Grick then spotted the silver stag the party had rescued a few days early, and immediately sensed the animal intended for them to follow it.

The party followed the stag through the woods, although they were interrupted by an ambush of hobgoblin assassins and giant badgers. In the ensuing fight, Corry was knocked unconscious and nearly killed by Aimon’s ill-considered used of the Thunderwave spell in close quarters. They successfully defeated the hobgoblins and their badgers and soon came to the entrance of the Temple of Life.

After dispatching a krenshar and pair of giant weasels that had made their home near the temple, the party made their way inside, where they found a series of toppled statues and frescoes depicting scenes of a life well-lived. They soon realized this was a magical puzzle trap, and the trap’s magical energy again knocked Corry unconscious, but fortunately the solution was included in the notes Aimon had discovered.

Solving the puzzle healed the party of their wounds, and they were able to venture deeper into the temple …



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