The Moonshaes

Book I, Chapter III

Quick notes

Current quest: Find and reconsecrate the five temples of the Earthmother for High King Derid Kendrick
XP received: 940 XP
Total XP: 2400 XP
Loot: Golden pendant of the Earthmother (worth 100 GP), Smith's Ring (allows the bearer to cast Mending 1/day), Silver Hairpin of Exaltation (contains 4 unreplenishable charges of the Bless spell (1st level)), engraved spyglass (worth 500 GP), gems and coins (worth 150 GP), ancient manuscripts (worth 500 GP).

Adventure Summary

After being healed of their wounds by a magical energy, the quintet of adventurers headed north, to explore a breach in the wall of the temple. There, they discovered a colony of giant ants, the remnants of an ant-hill that had mutated as a result of hundreds of years spent between planes. Or at least, most of them did – Corry spent much of the battle attempting to open the temple's other locked doors. He rejoined the group in time to assist with dispatching the second wave of ant warriors.

After defeating the ants, the group discovered an large silver emblem of the Earthmother half-buried in one of the cavern's walls, and returned it to its proper place in the main antechamber, hanging from a chain attached to the ceiling.

Heading into a room to the west, the adventurers discovered a pool of shimmering, clear water, with a hint of gold at the bottom of the pool. A debate followed about whether to enter the pool and retrieve the potentially valuable object. Vala eventually decided simply to reconsecrate the pool by pouring moonwell water into it – a good move, it turned out, since the pool was home to a trio of angry lesser water elementals, who were grievously injured by the holy water. The ensuing battle was quite short thanks to the purification of the pool, and they were able to retrieve the gold pendant at the bottom of the pool.

They then headed for the last room of the temple, a place of mourning where those who lost friends and loved ones could grieve. The room was haunted by four grief motes, undead spectres that could pass beyond the walls of the room. The group realized that the rooms walls were insubstantial to those who had taken damage in combat, allowing them to pursue the shades until the spirits' eventual defeat.

With the temple cleared of monsters and reconsecrated to the Earthmother, the adventurers set back for Lehigh, where they found the palisade completed and new reinforcements arrived from neighbouring villages. They also received some dire news: goblin attacks were widespread throughout the forest, and many neighbouring hamlets and thorps had fallen to attacks like the one in Lehigh. They also learned a little more about the mysterious "Great Gark," the unknown entity believed to be in charge of the goblin forces, reputed to be from beyond the Material Plane and a magic-user of some distinction. They rested awhile in the town before being approached by an irate pixie named Jext, who was concerned by a building that had appeared out of the mists in his glade. Corry bought a loaf of bread.

The sprite led the adventurers to the glade, where sure enough, a large edifice was gradually materializing out of the ether. Unfortunately, a large pack of wolves and wargs had also gathered in the glade, and they beset the group until for several tense seconds until the temple finally materialized completely in a flash of light, and the party was able to enter.

Rooting around in the rubble of the temple, Taznyl came across an ancient journal belonging to someone named Lexinova, a high-ranking member of a group known as the Order of the Gleaming Night. Taznyl was able to break the journal's code and uncover several hidden passages which would prove useful later on. Approaching the altar at the centre of the room, Vala attempted to deduce the role of the crescent moon buttons upon its base. But when she touched one, the group was attacked by an angry wraith who planned to have the group join her in death. 

After a protracted battle, Taznyl was able to deduce that the spirit belonged to Lexinova, the woman mentioned in the journal. Hearing her own name shocked the wraith into stillness, allowing Grick to deal the killing blow and finally put her to rest. The group rested in the temple's main floor before returning to try and find their way deeper into the temple …



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