The Moonshaes

Book I, Chapter IV

In which the party makes strange new friends

Quick notes

Current quest: Find and reconsecrate the five temples of the Earthmother for High King Derid Kendrick
XP received: 650 XP
Total XP: 3050 XP
Loot: Amulet of the Crescent Moon (more information below), Failbhe (more information below).

Adventure Summary

Taznyl and Vala pressed the two crescent moons on the base of the altar, opening a hidden staircases that descended into the darkness of the temple. As the party headed down the staircase, the stairs and room beneath were lit by magical moonlight, and they were greeted by three doors: one, to the west, badly decayed and falling down; a door to the north with a carving of a halberd impaling a wolf; and a door to the east with a crescent moon and a circular hole embedded in it. 

Corry approached the door to the west, which immediately disintegrated when he went to push it open. Inside, the party founded a disoriented pixie named Ingrin, who claimed to have been locked in the temple for 600 years. The party noticed there was something a little odd about the faerie, who seemed disoriented and unfocused, and often twitched intermittently. She had locked herself in a prison holding an ancient, malevolent wolf in order to escape from Lexinova, the wraith the party had earlier defeated, and begged for the adventurers to open the prison door and kill the wolf inside. The party became suspicious of her odd behaviour, and Aimon remembered something from the king's notes which encouraged the party to first seek a relic of the Earthmother before approaching the Wolf. They left Ingrin to her own devices and returned to explore the rest of the temple.

Heading north, they found an enormous chess-board presided over by Failbhe, a sentient halberd who tested their skill in battle by trying to kill them. Further complicating matters was the room's switching gravity, which frequently caused some party members to fall to the ceiling or the floor. Despite incurring numerous injuries from the room's gravitational fields, Corry fenced gamely with the sentient weapon while the rest of the party focused on moonbeam-blasting statues and pelted the halberd with spells. 

After dealing a great deal of damage, Failbhe admitted defeat and chose to bestow itself upon Corry, due to the bard's uncharacteristic bravery in combat. 

The weapon's hilt also unlocked the final door in the temple, where the group found a box made from moonlight. Corry approached the box and was able to open one of its six locks, but the group was set upon by magical statues that emerged from the murals, and whenever a statue fell, another would emerge from the wall to replace it. Corry and Grick were knocked unconscious as the rest of the party struggled to defeat the statues and open the box. It was Taznyl who finally unlocked the box's final seal, receiving a blessed amulet of the Earthmother that granted her the knowledge of how to reconsecrate the temple.

Returning to the wolf's prison, Aimon attempted to cast an illusion that would trick Ingrin into believing the wolf's door had been opened. However, the pixie was wise to the spell and hardly even noticed it, though she continued to beg for the party to open the door, while giving Taznyl and the amulet a wide berth. Taznyl opted instead to reinforce the wards upon the door, locking the Wolf within away for another 600 or more years. Ingrin immediately seemed to shake off some kind of fugue state, and thanked the party heartily for successfully rescuing Alaron from the Wolf. She had been possessed by its spirit for hundreds of years and with the wards reinforced, was free to leave the temple and return to her home without its evil influence. 

Important Loot

Amulet of the Crescent Moon
Wondrous item, rare

While wearing this amulet you are cloaked in a soft light that only shows itself at night. The glow is as powerful as torchlight, and it can be turned on and off with an action.

When the moonlight is glowing, you can reroll a Wisdom saving throw against a spell. This power recharges after a long rest.

The Amulet also has the power in it to reinvest the wardsof the Wolf’s prison.

Failbhe, the Sentient Halberd
Weapon (halberd), rare (requires attunement by a creature it has accepted as worthy)

You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. It has the following additional properties.

Wolf Slayer. Failbhe scores a critical hit against wolves, werewolves and the Wolf on attack rolls of 18+.

Dancing Halberd. Once a day Failbhe can take to the air and dance about in battle. Failbhe acts on its wielder’s turn and can do the following for 1 minute:

  • (1/day) Spinning Halberd. Failbhe starts to spin and makes an attack against any adjacent foes. It uses the attack and damage modifiers of the creature it is attuned to.
  • (1/day) Defender. As a reaction, Failbhe can add 2 to its wielders AC against one melee attack that would hit them.

Sentience. Failbhe is a sentient neutral good weapon with an Intelligence of 14, a Wisdom of 11, and a Charisma of 14. It has hearing and vision out to 30 feet and can speak and understand Common.



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