The Moonshaes


In which our heroes become acquainted

Aimon Kompetant, the wizard who was almost drowned by evil seaweed
Corry Brightsea, the bard who is good out here
Grick, the warlock with an uncanny sense of direction
Taznyl, the fighter who is never getting on a boat again, thanks
Vala Thogrun, the cleric who can spot a kelpie at 20 paces
and guest-starring Lily Highflower, the royal brewmaster who is trying really hard not to cry over shipwrecked strawberries.

Five adventurers set sail for Caer Callidyrr aboard the Obedient, a Ffolk vessel en route from Rogarsheim. Although all of them headed to the capital for their own reasons, they found themselves bound together by circumstance when their vessel was smashed by the Leviathan, an enormous whale. Finding themselves shipwrecked a mere 20 miles from their destination, the five adventurers – alongside Lily Highflower, the royal brewmaster who was injured in the calamity – set off for the capital on foot. 

They headed for the nearby fishing village of Swadlecote in search of aid, only to find the tiny hamlet deserted. While its inhabitants had clearly packed up and left some time ago, some mysterious creature had clearly been there recently. A statue of Valkur that stood watch over the village's cemetery had been grotesquely defaced. After dispatching a pair of giant badgers that had set up their den in one of the abandoned homes and doing their best to restore the shrine, the party set forth aboard one of the abandoned fishing boats. 

Following an unfortunate incident with a giant crab, the crew headed ashore to repair their boat when the came across the remains of the unfortunate crew of the Obedient. They had been drowned and partially consumed. A stray horse wandered nearby; Vala correctly identified the beast as a kelpie, a nasty shape-shifting fey that drowns and consumes its victims. The party battled the creature and easily dispatched it. They spent their evening giving the dead a proper burial at sea, and set out again the next morning.

They soon came across an ancient shipwreck where an evil sea hag had made her lair. They tried to convince the evil fey to leave, but finally the ugly creature attacked. The ensuing battle was quite short, and the five adventurers were able to easily defeat her. Traveling farther west, they soon came to a ridge from which the capital was easily visible, and made their way to the gates of Caer Callidyrr.



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