Aimon Kompetant

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Aimon is an odd fellow. Survivors often are. Like most gnomes Aimon has strong obligatory feelings to family and community. It is not a common sight to see one from his culture with a strong sense of wanderlust.

Sometime in his forties evil Fey of Gwynneth grew aware of his home town. It was a strong well diversified community, swelling to near city size in a time of general strife on the island. Rather than confront the people of this town, Clallbar, the evil Fey chose a more subversive route. Relatively untouched the town became a place of refuge and amnesty for the surrounding lands. It was a boon at first, the economy grew and defence ranks swelled.
Gwynneth’s corruption grew. Soon the town was well within its grasp, the Earth Mother’s local influence now a twisted grasp of madness to the lands surrounding, gave the Fey the raw power and weak inter-planar barriers they needed to lay a powerful spell. This spell drew a fog over the eyes of its denizens. It was such a simple but powerful spell. Soon all the denizens of Clallbar could see was what they wanted to see, every little problem became the direct fault of someone else. It was a particularly successful spell for what was once such a tightknit gnomish community. Quickly divisions formed clear sides between immigrant and long-time settler. Then divisions between comrades and finally family. So many superb levels of hatred delighted the hells below; a work of art truly complex in its madness.

Aimon escaped. He worked the very arts the spell had been cast from. Unable to counteract it, he still could see through it. The Madness of different selves, the broken mirror, the knowledge of false truths all familiar concepts.

Aimon has spent the last decade assisting Dwarven caravans in the Fairheight mountain range. His magic knowledge was useful for his scribe and record keeping talents. Illusion skills protect himself as well as his clients even if they were unaware of his aid. Aimon did not want his Dwarven friends to be aware of his gifts, nor did he want the lifestyle once afforded to him. Memory had become poison in that regard. The Dwarves have been fighting their own battle against the fey and his gnomish blood still has a strong affinity for the world below. He came to appreciate them like a second family as a whole and his name became relatively common among those in the surviving Dwarven trades. It was a simple thing to switch caravans and company when he became too familiar with any given company. Despite escaping from the worst of the evil that befell his home, Aimon could no longer grow too close to anyone. When the feeling of family became too strong he would be off again, to make another.

That being said loyalty and comradeship is still in his bones, an element that both helped and forbid his escape from home.

Aimon came to know the element of The Harpers, those mistaking Aimon’s distrust and open heart to be an open invitation to their cause. In some ways he has helped their cause but by no means is a member.

Spiritually Aimon is strongly opposed to neutral Gods, having seen the horror of their strength, even in apathy, in the wrong direction. Their neutrality appears to him as nothing more than a delusion. His wanderlust and sense of freedom has fortified a resistance to the lawful gods of his gnomish past. At times he will show signs of favor for the gnomish gods of the forest and illusion, Baervan Wildwanderer and Baravar Cloakshadow respectively. It is always circumstantial and almost transactional.

He has pieced himself together again after the loss of his home. Still Aimon is forever distrustful of people claiming to have his best interests at heart, perhaps an after image of his corruption. The spell on him, warped from his own willpower, has weakened with time. Aimon has been forced to constantly see the world through the need for personal objectivity; his social interaction has been impacted. He will perform actions that do not fit the character people grow to expect, if he thinks it is the right course of action. He may seem a bit dry and boring at times but all you need is an interesting thought to cross between his ears and you’ll have a spectacle. Often, when a particularly amusing or emotionally significant performance of his creates trouble, Aimon moves on. Aimon sees himself responsible for educating the world and opening everyone’s eyes. A particularily unwanted trait in most circles.

He now finds himself in another party. Boy do they need an eye opener.

Aimon Kompetant

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