Corry Brightsea

Human, bard, Northlander in Alaron. The High Queen's first cousin once removed. Envoy of the Loyalists; tweets do not represent the views of the Crown.


Corry is a human man, just under six feet tall and a bit on the skinny side. His skin is pale with a few freckles here and there, and occasionally a slight tan brought on by exposure to the sun at sea. He wears a pair of copper earrings, has short curly brown hair, and hazel eyes. When in Callidyr, he almost always is seen in a set of fine clothes; when travelling outside the city or visiting Norland, he wears leather armour.


“I’m thinking something like a human bard, Northlander Loyalist, who currently travels as an envoy between Caer Callidyr and Rogarsheim on a seemingly endless series of back-and-forth diplomatic missions as the High King’s people try to work out the finer points of an agreement with Rault the Wise’s people. Nothing grand or exciting, but boring legal minutiae like which baron agrees to supply X amount of cattle to the other side in exchange for Y amount of gold and Z amount of chickens”

Corry Brightsea, son of Bestwick Brightsea and Tessa Brightsea (née Stormgard), is the first cousin once removed of High Queen Estrid Kendrick (née Brightsea). Born 21 years ago (one week before High King Derid took the throne) in Caer Callidyr, Corry was raised in Rogarsheim but often travelled with his family between Norland and Alaron.

At 18, Corry moved to Caer Callidyr to become a courier with the Loyalists. Under the tutelage of one of the High Queen’s trusted advisors, he studied law and diplomacy while delivering contracts and paperwork throughout Alaron. After three years of hard work and learning, Corry now writes up those same contracts and paperwork… but due to the stretched resources of the Crown and Loyalists, he still ends up delivering much of it himself.

As of late, he finds himself travelling often between the two places he calls home, negotiating the finer (and more minor) points of the agreements that may one day reunite the people of Rault the Wise with those of High King Derid.


Sir Isidore

Sir Isidore Aulrich Ellington von Moseworth the Third, Knight of the Sons of Valkur, Hero of Highrock, and bearer of other significant titles too numerous to name, is Corry’s most trusted assistant. Sir Isidore is a very old, very travelled, and very retired knight who now serves as a trusted advisor to the Royal Family, and taught Corry a great deal about the history and traditions of the islands. He has encyclopedic knowledge about nearly everything in the Moonshaes… but is also somewhat senile and often has trouble understanding what people are saying. Through a Stone of Farspeech, Corry can ask Sir Isidore a question about nearly any place, item, or creature and get more information about it; however, it’s just as likely Sir Isidore (or Sir I for short) will respond with “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that” or “What is your uncle’s name?”


Elaine Leed is the attendant at Corry’s home in Caer Callidyr.


Blath Lackman is the attendant at Corry’s home in Rogarsheim.

Corry Brightsea

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