Estrid Kendrick

High Queen of the Moonshaes


Born in Norland as Estrid Brightsea, the High Queen of the Moonshaes was raised as a ward of the previous High King, Garreth Kendrick, from the time she was 12 years old. She is well-loved by the people of Alaron and of Norland, and is seen as a bridge between the Ffolk and Northlanders. She is related to Rault the Wise, the leader of Norland. Despite living in Alaron since she was 12, she remains connected to the traditions of her people and is known for her worship of Valkur, the patron deity of the Northlanders.

She is married to Derid Kendrick has three children, Tarilyn (18 years old), Eydis (13 years old) and Marroc (8 years old). Rumour has it that Marroc has been kidnapped by Lady Erliza Daressin, the Viceroy of Snowdown, and that Estrid has not left the royal chambers since because of her grief over her son’s disappearance.

Estrid Kendrick

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