Ingrin is a pixie who spent 600 years trapped in the Wolf’s Prison in the Temple of the Crescent Moon. She was previously friends with the Order of the Gleaming Night, and spent a great deal of time at the temple with her friends, including Lexinova. However, Lexinova died more than 500 years ago and became a wraith; she tried to kill her former friend Ingrin, so the pixie sought shelter in the Wolf’s Prison.

In the intervening years, she became possessed by the spirit of the Wolf, which had broken some of its magical bonds, allowing it to send its spirits beyond the bars of its prison. When the adventurers arrived 600 years after the temple had vanished, Ingrin was totally possessed by the Wolf and tried to convince them to open the door to the prison, thus freeing the malevolent, ancient creature. However, the party was not tricked by the Wolf’s machinations, and instead reinforced the wards, forcing the Wolf’s spirit back into its desiccated body and freeing Ingrin from its grasp.

Ingrin is extremely grateful to the party now that she’s been freed from the Wolf’s clutches and is able to escape the temple and return to her family.


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