Character Creation Guidelines

The campaign kicks off in Caer Callidyrr, the capital city of Alaron and the seat of the High King. The Moonshaes are nations in turmoil – although the High King is theoretically the ruler of all the isles of the Moonshaes, in practice the once-united kingdom has fractured. Now, each island has its own leader – and its own host of problems, from the goblin-infested Dernall Forest to the uncertain succession of Norland. The campaign will include a variety of elements, from traditional dungeon crawls to diplomatic wrangling, as characters seek to (well, maybe) bring peace and prosperity back to the Moonshaes.

Some general guidelines
You'll probably get the most of the campaign by creating a character who is either native to the Moonshaes or has lived there for a long time – someone who knows the land and cares deeply about it. There are certainly people who come from outside the Moonshaes, and if your heart is set on playing a moon elf from Dunwood Forest, that's possible, so long as you can come up with a reason to be in the Moonshaes. Those kinds of reasons abound – perhaps you were sent by your faction to learn more about what's happening in the Isles and further their goals, or your kingdom sent you to treat with one of the many power-brokers holding sway over the Moonshaes. That said, I do think you'll enjoy the campaign more the more closely your character is connected to the Isles – you'll have the opportunity to have a world that your character is fully immersed in, and one that responds to and reflects your characters' actions and ideals in a more realistic way. 

If all of the above didn't make it obvious, this is not a murderhobo campaign. While they will certainly be combat, and plenty of orcs and goblins and giants and maybe even dragons to kill, there will also be plenty of puzzles and diplomacy and exploration. Many encounters will have multiple solutions, meaning that combat is an option but often not the only one.

Player race options
We'll be relying heavily on the Player Handbook (PHB), and will not be using any additonal materials for player races and classes. The preferred options for player races in the campaign are Humans, Elves (excluding drow), Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings and Half-Elves. If you desperately want to play a tiefling or half-orc, let me know and we'll talk about it. 

Player class options
All classes/archetypes from the PHB are acceptable, so take your pick from playing a Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock or Wizard. Druids are a bit special in the Moonshaes due to their connection with the Earthmother, the most popular deity in the Moonshaes, so that could be fun. 

If you haven't played 5e before, an important thing to note is that all of the classes have "archetypes" which you pick at 2nd or 3rd level – the Barbarian's Primal Path, Cleric's Domain, the Paladin's Sacred Oath, Wizard's Arcane Tradition, etc. You're welcome to pick archetypes from Wizard of the Coast's Unearthed Arcana series or from the additional archetypes offered in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide in addition to those listed in the PHB

You can't be evil. Anything else goes. 

Aside from the "recommended Moonshae" thing, you're free to choose from any of the backgrounds offered in the PHB. If you want to use a background from elsewhere, that's also (more than likely) fine, just talk to me about it. I have a bunch of additional backgrounds I can share if you'd like to look at them, and you're welcome to make up your own personality traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. 

Your character will be a novice member of one of the three factions active in the Moonshaes: The Emerald Enclave, The Harpers or The Loyalists. Choose the faction that most closely aligns with your character's race, background and class, or that you think sounds the neatest. The factions serve a few purposes – they'll be a source of quests and plot hooks, for one thing, but they'll also help provide some ties and tension between the adventuring party, as the factions work towards common goals but sometimes differ in methods and priorities.

Character Creation Guidelines

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