Population 100,000
Size 23,000 sq. mi.
Capital Kalador; formerly Caer Corwell
Ruler High Lady Ordalf
Inhabitants Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, Fey

Gwynneth was once home to a populous human kingdom, the Kingdom of Corwell, and is the ancestral home of High King Derid Kendrick and his family. However, beginning in 1372, just after the unification of the Kingdom of Moonshae, many exotic species of half-fey began appearing on Gwynneth, particularly in the Myrloch Vale. These fey drove settlers from the region until, in 1374, the ancient city of Karador appeared in the middle of Myrloch Lake from across the planar divide. Humans were quickly driven from the land and the island is now entirely inhabited by elves and other fey creatures.

The Kingdom of Sarifal

Fey settled the Moonshae islands and established the kingdom of Sarifal some 17,000 years ago. Its capital, Karador, was established on a small island in the middle of the lake. However, roughly 2000 years ago the city sank beneath the waves, the fey vanished into the feywild, and they, along with their once-glittering kingdom were largely forgotten. However, just over 100 years ago, the city re-emerged from the depth as fae reappeared on the Island. High Lady Ordalf, the Fey Queen of Sarifal, declared herself the ruler of Gwynneth and drove all humans from her lands. 


Nestled in the mountains surrounding Myrloch Lake is the kingdom of Synnoria, home of the reclusive Llweyr elves that have made their home on Gwynneth for the past 10,000 years. 

Dwarven Kingdom

There was once a great Dwarven Kingdom beneath the surface of Gwynneth, but much of it, including its capital of Highhome is now in ruins and only a few small settlements of mountain dwarves remain. When the Kingdom of Sarifal reappeared, so did many evil fey, and they have claimed the ancient dwarven lands for themselves, pushing most of the Dwarves back to the Fairheight Range in Alaron


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