Population 600,000 (approx. 85% of total)
Kingdoms Alaron, Norland, Snowdown
Major Cities Caer Callidyrr, Caer Westphal, Rogarsheim

Years ago, the humans of Moonshaes were divided into two distinct groups, the agricultural society of the Ffolk and the warlike Northlanders. High Queen Alicia united the two peoples, and years of intermarriage as well as cultural and political diffusion mean that most humans living on Alaron now identify as citizens of Moonshae rather than Ffolk or Northlander.

Elsewhere in the Moonshaes, the FFolk and Northlanders remain more distinct, although conflict is much more rare. 

The third group of humans upon the Moonshaes are immigrants from Amn, who are particularly populous on the Isle of Snowdown. 


The Moonshaes alix_k