Lehigh is a village located in the Dernall Forest, south of Caer Callidyrr. The village has a population of 230 individuals. It is primarily a human settlement, but halflings, half-elves and even a few dwarves call the village home. Lehigh was previously run by a five-member town council, but four of the five members are now deceased.


Located in the midst of the thick Dernall Forest, Lehigh's main industry is lumber. The local mill is owned by Forje Le Goff, and he employs many of the local townsfolk. Local farmers practice forest farming, raising walnuts, hazlenuts, blackberries, wild leeks and mushrooms, and villagers who raise livestock are able to graze their livestock (primarily hogs, goats and poultry) in the woods. 

Recent Events

Lehigh was recently subject to a goblin attack that killed nearly 20% of the town's inhabitants. Four of the five town councillors were killed, as well as most of the royal guard and many villagers. A goblin named Mimrala led the attack, and was conducting a ritual to raise her dead goblin forces when she was interrupted by the adventurers. 


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