The Northlanders are descended from Illuskans who settled the island of Ruathym, north of the Moonshaes, in -3100 DR, and eventually expanded throughout the northern islands of the sword coast. A seafaring people that mostly made their living by raiding settlements along the Sword Coast and Ffolk villages in the Moonshaes, the Northlanders were for a long time known as a violent and war-prone people. 

However, in 1371, the Northlander kings (from this point forward known as Jarls) swore fealty to High Queen Alicia Kendrick, uniting the two peoples under one banner. Although that Alliance has since fractured, violence between the two groups is generally uncommon – the only exception being 10 years ago, when a woman known as the Storm Maiden rallied the Northlanders of Norland (Norls) to her cause and attempted to lay claim to the Sea of Moonshae. She was defeated, and most Norls now follow the previous Jarl, Rault the Wise, who has good relations with the High King in Alaron. 

While Northlanders and Ffolk live side-by-side on Alaron, elsewhere in the Moonshaes the Northlanders live primarily in the northern Isles, Norland and Norheim, in rocky and harsh terrain. They remain a strong and harsh seafaring people, who mostly make their livings by fishing, shipbuilding or sailing. Some tend whatever livestock can survive in the desolate regions where they live, while others turn to raiding, but this is far less common. Northlanders are generally superstitious, and have a strong dislike of magic – which is not to say that there has never been a Northlander sorcerer or wizard, merely that they may have found themselves chased to more hospitable lands. 

Favoured Classes: Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue
Favoured Deity: Valkur, Tempus
Favoured Faction: The Harpers, The Loyalists


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