The Harpers

This clandestine network of spellcasters and spies seeks to tip the scales in favor of the innocent, the weak, and the poor within the Realms. Harper agents pride themselves on being incorruptible defenders of good, and they never hesitate to aid the oppressed. Because they prefer to work behind the scenes, they are rarely noticed as they thwart tyrants, depose rulers, and head off any growing force that is rumored to have evil intent. The Harpers has its finger on the pulse of power in the Realms and works tirelessly to even the odds for the downtrodden.

Individual Harper agents operate alone, relying on their wits and extensive information networks to gain an advantage over their enemies. They know that knowledge is power, so gathering intelligence beforehand is paramount to their success. They are well-informed and always have access to aid, magical and otherwise. Veteran members have access to secret caches of knowledge stashed all over Faerûn, along with trusted sources stationed in every major town and city.

The organization is always on the lookout for powerful items, expressly to keep them out of the hands of evildoers. To this end its agents use various guises and identities to gain access to carefully guarded secrets such as ancestral maps, buried cities, and mages’ keeps.

The bond between Harpers is strong, and their friendships are nigh unbreakable. Rarely do they operate in the open, but on rare occasions they must, because there is no other choice. When that happens, you can be sure that a fellow Harper is watching closely, ready to emerge from the shadows and help a comrade at a moment’s notice.

Bards, rangers, rogues, wizards, warlocks and sorcerers of good alignments are frequently drawn to the Harpers. 


  • Gather information throughout Faerûn.
  • Promote fairness and equality by covert means.
  • Thwart tyrants and leaders, governments, and organizations that grow too powerful.
  • Aid the weak, poor and oppressed.


  • One can never have too much information or arcane knowledge.
  • Too much power leads to corruption. The abuse of magic, in particular, must be closely monitored.
  • No one should be powerless.


  • Watcher (rank 1)
  • Harpshadow (rank 2)
  • Brightcandle (rank 3)
  • Wise Owl (rank 4)
  • High Harper (rank 5) – held by ???

A harp and moon pin

The Harpers

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