The Loyalists

A small faction that exists only in the Moonshae Isles, the Loyalists are a group of Moonshae citizens who work towards the reunification of the kingdom under the rule of High King Derid Kendrick. Because the crown's forces are stretched so thin, the Loyalists function as an extended and largely unofficial network of nobles, merchants, commoners and adventurers working to extend the high king's reach through diplomacy (when possible) or force (when necessary). 

Loyalists provide a variety of services for the king, undertaking diplomatic missions, negotiating trade deals, and even clearing goblins or other menaces from the country side as required. Many Loyalists operate alone or in small groups, depending on the task. 

Loyalists prefer diplomacy whenever possible, particularly when dealing with other civilized cities or nations within the Moonshaes. However, intrigue and physical force are still treated as valuable tools to be used when diplomacy fails or is unrealistic – most Loyalists aren't likely to attempt negotiations with a horde of goblins or the cult of an evil deity, for instance.

While the king is not directly involved in the organization of the Loyalists, many of his advisors do provide direction and tasks to members of the faction.

Fighters, paladins, clerics and wizards of good or lawful alignments are frequently drawn to the Loyalists. 


  • Reunite the Moonshaes under the rule of High King Derid Kendrick and his heirs.
  • Form alliances with other power brokers or groups in the Moonshaes where possible.
  • Defeat any threats to civilians within the Moonshaes.


  • The best way to ensure peace and stability for all is to unite the Moonshaes.
  • High King Derid and his house are the rightful rulers.
  • Diplomacy is preferable but force is sometimes necessary.


  • Courier (rank 1)
  • Envoy (rank 2)
  • Consul (rank 3)
  • Ambassador (rank 4)
  • Minister (rank 5) – held by Maeve Ceder

A silver wolf's tooth pendant

The Loyalists

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