Townsfolk of Lehigh

Avenie & Edward Callac

Avenie & Edward Callac are a young couple living on the outskirts of Lehigh. They primarily raise horses, pigs and goats, and harvest black walnuts in the forest. They own a small piece of land on the west side of the stream. 

Trawlindy Clerke

Trawlindy Clerke is a five-year-old girl whose parents were killed in the goblin attacks. Her father was a woodcutter, and her most prized possession is a wooden soldier marionette he carved for her. She is especially fond of Corry Brightsea, since he returned the toy to her after it was stolen by goblins.

Eazelle Farwynn

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Asmund Hedinsson & Saxi Welde

Asmund and Saxi are a Northlander couple, both retired warriors, who moved to Lehigh for a more peaceful life. They raise sheep and grow a few vegetables in order to support themselves. Asmund received a minor injury in the skirmish was the goblin, while Saxi's leg injury became badly infected, resulting in his right leg being amputated by Vala Thogrun in order to save his life. 

Forje Le Goff

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Joamin & Aude Lightfoot

A halfling couple living in a cozy house near the townscare, Joamin is a tinkerer while his wife spins yarn and does weaving. They have three daughters: three-year-old Peony, five-year-old Poppy and eight-year-old Petunia.  

Mona MacAuley

Mona is a young Ffolk healing woman who was previously apprenticed to Agnes Flecher. However, Agnes was killed in the goblin attack, so Mona's limited experience and resources are stretched thin by caring for the village's wounded.

Devus Penhallow

Devus is young recruit in the Royal Guard. He has little experience, but was fortunate to survive the goblin attack on Lehigh. He shows some natural affinity for smithing. 

Townsfolk of Lehigh

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