Current quests

  • Locate and rededicate the five temples of the Earthmother for High King Derid Kendrick.
    Reward: 250 gp each

Current homework

  • Fill out your character bios on the Characters page. Reward: 100 XP, but only if everyone does it.


  • The "Great Gark" in control of the goblin forces is rumoured to be from beyond the Material Plane and is thought to be a powerful magic user
  • Great Druid Antola Pilark vanished in the Dernall Forest
  • Prince Maddoc kidnapped by Lady Erliza Daressin, the Amnian Viceroy of Snowdown
  • Fey Queen refuses to allow Derid Kendrick to reclaim his ancestral lands at Caer Corwell
  • Storm Maiden sighted


  • 15% off armour at J&S Armoursmiths

Current party level


Current XP

3050 XP

XP to next level

3450 XP


The Moonshaes

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